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Summer is nearing an end

Hi, as summer nears an end, I am looking at new designs for the upcoming season. I am still working hard on finding just the right products to bring to my store for you. The next big holiday for me is back to school, I know, not really a holiday so much, but after a summer filled with grandkids that first day back to school is a much needed day for me to rest.

I am pretty new to all this and I hope you bear with me while I am learning my way around and getting designs made up. Keep checking back often as I am trying to add something new every week.

Well I am looking at the next one after that actually and it will be Halloween. My grandsons are working hard on coming up with some cool ideas for designs for your little ones. I am pretty much leaving the kids section up to the ones that actually know what they like, the kids. They chose the designs and their colors and then I let them choose the color clothes they want it on so if you see anything that is not in a color, or size you would like, please let me know and I will do my best to get it for you.

Do you have a favorite holiday?? Love your flag?? Want something special??

If you are looking for a particular design or saying that I could help you with drop me a line and I will so what I can. You can find me and leave me messages on here, or any of my social medias that you would like. I always try to respond within a couple hours or less.

if you enjoy makeup, jewelry, fragrance or want to pamper yourself feel free to check out my Avon sites at there are always great deals going on there. If you are new to my store you can use my code “WELCOME10” at the checkout and save 10% on your very first order, plus if you spend $40 or more your shipping cost is free, no code required.

Thank you for taking the time to look around my site, I hope you find something you enjoy.